Another of Health & Habitat's projects is an archeological site revealing extraordinary objects relating to the Valdivian culture of West Coast Ecuador from 4500 BC to 1500 BC.

It is a joint venture with its Ecuadorian NGO partner, Fundacion Tropica 2000, whose president, Alexander Hirtz, is a world-renowned naturalist, scientist, orchid specialist and co-founder of University of San Francisco of Quito.

Our Valdivian site is located along the equator, inland from the Pacific Ocean, in Ecuador. It consists of a terraced Valdivia village and a small mountain referred to as "Astronomer’s Hill," where many cosmograms with anthropomorphic characteristics or geometric engravings have been unearthed. The term "cosmogram" refers to ideograms related to space.

What is exceptionally interesting regarding discovery of these cosmograms is that they appear to be a pictographic writing system - THE FIRST IN AMERICA.

They are about the inherent relationship between the stars and the earth, and much more, including how to plant corn. With this new discovery, it becomes quite obvious that the astronomic knowledge of Valdivians prove them to be the first true astronomers in the Americas, forerunners of the Chavin in Peru, the San Augustinian in Colombia, the Olmec in Mexico, and other Amerindian related cultures.

Symbols on the cosmograms are strikingly similar to symbols used a few centuries later in Mesoamerica and Peru. Comparing certain Valdivian cosmograms with the primitive divinatory calendar used throughout Mesoamerica until recently — where the dotted bands were recorded in pictograms related to this 260 day ceremonial calendar — it becomes apparent that the origins of the divinatory calendar seem likely to have been with the Valdivians.

Roots of many other American myths, legends, songs, and derived religions probably also had the same common ancestry — the Valdivians, who seem to have come from the Caucuses via the Amazon.

This significant influence on such important civilizations such as Andean and Mesoamerican cultures denotes the importance of further research.

This is only possible through your generous support. The primary goal of the Valdivian project is to purchase, secure, survey and map the site ($25,000 + $25,000).

Health & Habitat and Tropica are working towards acquiring the core 100 acres containing major artifacts, including the one-of-a kind library of stone plates in a pyramid shaped hill, an astronomical observatory, and Valdivia Village.

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