Evert Schlinger Rainforest Research Center:

Health & Habitat's conservation efforts provide a protected area of Andean-Amazonian rainforest for research on the ecology of this particular region.

To do this effectively, the Evert Schlinger Rainforest Research Center (ESRRC) has been created to study a vast diversity of native flora and fauna, particularly insects, which are dominant in all habitats.

The California Academy of Sciences, is a repository for insect specimens that will be identified and returned to Ecuador. Edward S. Ross, Emeritus Chair of Entomology, is in charge of the insect survey of Ecuador. He will be teaching Ecuadorians how to properly document and care for the collections.

H & H is gathering funds for a separate research building at the cost of $100,000, to build, furnish, and equip it. As with previous projects, the Schlinger Foundation will match incoming funds.

The building core will house collections and a laboratory with 6-8 workstations. A meeting room will double as a classroom. There will be modest living quarters for a researcher/manager.

We also collaborate with Professor Giovanni Onore, Universidad Catolica, in Quito, whose help with local logistics is invaluable.

Dr. Frank Hovore, of California and Equador, will head the on-site entomological research.


FROGS DISAPPEARING - (Research Possibilities)



Health & Habitat (H & H's) major partner in Ecuador is Fundacion Tropica 2000, whose president, Alex Hirtz, is a well-known naturalist.

Some years before we noticed it in the US, he realized that frogs were disappearing. His call for help went unanswered by Ecuadorian sources.

Now that his observations have been confirmed by world-wide concern for the disappearance of these amphibians, Alex is readier than ever to set up in-depth research projects.

All he lacks is personnel and funding. We plan to advertise at universities for students to come and spend a year in the Amazon investigating this phenomenon.

............Would you like to be one of these lucky people?........

Contact Dr. Ross at healthhab@igc.org or (415-383-6130).

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