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Rates, Information and Booking

Rates: Open year-round, Butterfly Lodge rates (includes room & board):

2-3 people = 300 USD per/person, per/week

4 people or more = 240 USD per/person, per/week

Longer and shorter times can be arranged, as can local transport. Check the website: www.butterflylodge.org for seasonal and special rates.

Transportation & excursions arranged for additional charge. 45 guests can be accommodated in the garden cabins.

Statistics: Weather: Balmy 75-90's by day, 65-70's at night; generally rain every 5 days, more in the wet season (May/June, depending on the year)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, some German

Contact: Nubia Jaramillo in Ecuador Email: alinahui@interactive.net.ec

Tel: 593 2 256 4012 / 593 2 222 7094

Fax: 593 2 222 7095

URL: www.butterflylodge.org

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Medical thoughts:

Quito has full medical facilities and there is a regional hospital in Tena, an hour from Ali–ahui (Butterfly Lodge).

Over the last ten years, there have been no reports of malaria, cholera, or yellow fever around Ali–ahui. However, they have been reported several days trip down river, at some places on the coast, and in a few other parts of Ecuador.

Governmental reports do not distinguish sub-areas and recommend travelers get all the "shots". Most guests do not take them, but you must make your own choice, consulting with your doctor.

Travelers who go overseas from the USA often get a gamma-globulin shot or the hepatitis vaccination. Always drink bottled or boiled water and avoid uncooked foods unless safely washed or peeled.

As usually prudent, wash your hands frequently



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