Rainforest Preservation in Amazonian Ecuador. Purchase of endangered rainforest in Napo Province, Amazon Basin. Health & Habitat owns 450 acres of protected rainforest, including an ecotourist lodge, together with its Ecuadorian partner, Jatun Sacha Foundation which owns another 5,000 acres. Purchase of adjacent parcels is critical as they are in danger of being logged. This will seriously degrade the existing preserves and greatly reduce the animal populations which need consistent forest canopy for survival. Rainforest cannot regenerate when it is clear-cut. There is no shade for the little trees, and the rain washes away the sparse soil. Some trees do come in, but seeds of the larger ones are carried by animals which won't venture out from the safety of mature forest.


..........Amazonian Conservation Corridor......Help save the Rainforest.........

Dollar by Dollar, Acre by Acre.

Conservation Corridor :

Health & Habitat (H & H) is working towards purchase of approximately 15 square miles of contiguous original rainforest lands in Ecuador. Located east of Tena between H & H's 500-acre Alinahui mini-corridor and the Huarani (Waorani) Ethnic Reserve, this land is, according to Dr. Edward O. Wilson of Harvard, "one of the hottest of the global hotspots. Biologically among the richest in the world, and also one of the most rapidly disappearing." This corridor is critical to survival of forest creatures, especially large migrating animals, such as jaguars and ocelots. Unfortunately, the local government lacks resources and the gumption necessary to protect its public parks and reserves from illegal logging, poaching, population encroachment and oil or mineral exploration. Not-for-profit stewardship offers a much greater likelihood of long-term protection than government ownership. Health & Habitat is purchasing rainforest piece by piece, at anywhere from $20,000 - $35,000 a parcel. Funds received, which are less than enough to purchase a parcel, are held until matching money comes in. Right now we have $16,500 toward the next parcel, so $3500 is needed

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Strategy and Plan of Action Crisis Your Help

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