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............As you read this, the Earth's rainforest disappears..........

About Health & Habitat

Health and Habitat is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to develop, implement and promote a holistic approach to life, health, and the environment while achieving a healthy state of equilibrium through education, research, conservation and preservation of natural resources in California and the Amazon Rainforest.

All of Health & Habitat's projects are based upon four major areas of interest:

Preservation, Conservation, Research, Education.

Conservation provides an uninhibited space for Research, which creates knowledge to pass on through Education, which will seed and inspire further sustainable stewardship, conservation and preservation.

This brings us full circle.

Health & Habitat steadily progresses by creating a flow of positive effect on this delicate balance and reciprocal relationship of Conservation, Research, and Education. One perpetually moves the other forward in a direction influenced by its efforts.Through local and global volunteer efforts, H & H's progress has been steadfast and continuous.

An opportunity to partner with you would strengthen and perpetuate the continuum of this strategic and effective cycle to a level able to make a huge impact over a long period of time, as well as create lasting protection for this large-scale, bio-diverse landscape.

We appreciate this opportunity to share our vision with you,

using timelines, photos, maps, and video.

Health & Habitat has raised and distributed over five million dollars in support of its projects including purchasing parcels of Amazon Rainforest, registering them as preserves ensuring that they will stay alive for eons to come.

Sandra Ross volunteers her time as Executive Director assisted by volunteers and one part-time assistant. Office space is provided rent free and overhead is kept to a minimum in order to direct donations more fully into charitable purposes. Dr. Edward S. Ross of the California Academy of Sciences volunteers his talents as scientific advisor, along with some of his colleagues.

  • Preservation of Open Space and Vegetation Management, Marin County, California
  • Sponsored seed money for $4 million to preserve open space on Mount Tamalpais, and other CA locations.
  • Researched & monitored vegetation, and designed management plan including ongoing photographic records.
  • Assists people with Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (Sandy Ross, member of Advisory Panel, Senate Subcommittee on the rights of the Disabled, and past president of Health Council of Marin, appointed by advisory to Board of Supervisors and of Integrated Pest Management Commission).
  • Promotes the use of compressed air foam for fire protection and fighting.
  • Developed a volunteer program for staff at a fire lookout threatened by closure due to budget cuts.
  • Works with the Health Council of Marin to investigate reasons for the high rate of breast, prostrate, and other cancers in Marin County, including the effects of "environmental" toxins such as chemicals in the air, water, food, pesticides and electromagnetic frequency effects.
  • Participates in the Chemical Impact Project, a project of the Tides Center.
  • A founder of Marin Beyond Pesticides, mainly responsible for drafting up Marin's IPM Ordinance.
  • Member of Mill Valley Americans with Disabilities Act Committee. Works closely with the Federal Access Board and the Justice Department, collaborating with disability groups to protect and expand their rights. ...........................................
    Amazon Rainforest Preservation
  • Initiated long-term efforts to preserve rainforest in Amazonian Ecuador, including an ecotourism facility, Butterfly Lodge (Cabanas Alinahui).
  • Created first ever "Environmental Easement" in South America.
  • Launched an international sister school program, bringing USA students to rainforest and local schools.
  • Founder of the Schlinger Rainforest Research Center and a Rainforest Shaman / Ethnobotanical Center on Alinahui land
  • Founded "Wings Across the Borders" to help protect migratory bird routes and associated lands.

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