Ethnographic Museum:

Health & Habitat and its Ecuadorian partner, Fundacion Tropica 2000, are developing an interactive Ecuadorian Ethnographic Museum complex. This will allow dependable opportunities for locals to create and sell their tribal crafts.

H&H will continue work with locals to provide education about sustainable agriculture practices, and will purchase some of these harvests to provide visitors an opportunity to enjoy traditional feasts.

Construction of an interactive ethnographic museum is greatly needed now, more than ever. Health & Habitat believes education and pragmatic activity are keys to a healthy and sustainable future.

If we can educate visitors on the amazing diversity of the people, animals, and plants that co-exist in this ecosystem, we can instill a connection between visitor and ecosystem. This relationship is the seed to sprout care for an environment. That sprouted care will yield itself to conscious thought that will, hopefully, take form through action, enforcing sustainability and respect for other cultures.

This education, along with indigenous empowerment from reintroduction and appreciation of ancestral skills, will begin to bring a renewed state of health to a precarious environment and its peoples.

Much of the museum collection has already been gathered and is ready for display. Communication and commitment from local indigenous groups is established to actively take part in self-sustaining activities of crafts and crops.

Estimates ($100,000) have been received for the plans and construction of the museum by Ecuadorians with international experience.

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