Environmental Education Center

Health & Habitat is pioneering an environmental sustainability training program for youth and teachers of Ecuador and America at its Amazon location.

Principles and tools relating to: preservation, reforestation, endangered species protection, ecological balance, carrying capacity, long-term sustainability, and environmental leadership will be taught. These times require an unprecedented push for protection as we are losing more and more species every day. At the present rate, in twenty years there will not be enough tropical rainforest left to modulate world climate - something that will adversely affect all life on Earth, especially humans.

For the next few decades, Ecuador will be making major environmental decisions that will affect the whole World !!

Over the past ten years, H & H has brought some 150 students, their teachers and parents, from Marin County (in the San Francisco Bay Area) to stay at the eco-lodge. They participated successfully in a hands-on program that offers youth direct exposure to life in Ecuador. There, they studied a multidisciplinary curriculum including conservation, and natural science.

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