Incorporated in the state of California, 1987



76 Lee Street, Mill Valley,CA, USA 94941

Tel: 415.383.6130 Fax: 415.381.9214


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Contact Butterfly Lodge/Cabañas Aliñahui at:

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Address: Inglaterra 1373 y Amazonas, Ed. Centro Ejecutivo piso 7. of. 702 Quito, Ecuador
Phones: (593) 2 274 510 /2 274947



Founder & Board President: Sandra Ross, Ph.D.

Sec/Treasurer: Sarah Butler, educated in England and Switzerland is a paralegal in multiple fields of law and has volunteered for Health & Habitat since its inception.

Treasurer & Office Assistant: Jennifer Emmons brings a wide variety of experience and talent.

Grant Writer and Advisor: Peter Elias, M.D., Professor, Dermatology, UC San Fransisco.

Student Advisor: Siggi Babcock is actively interested in Biology, wildlife and the environment.

Volunteer Coordinator: Linda Evans donates her time to seeking volunteers and solicitating funds.

Volunteer & grant writer: Apryl Owens.


Advisors who freely give of their time and talents:

Frank Almeda, Ph.D., Botany, California Academy of Sciences, (emeritus chair),

Eva Maria Spitz Blum, Ph.D., Family Service Association, Social Anthropology (Stanford),

Donald Heyneman, Ph.D., Prof. Tropical Medicine, UCSF, Assoc. Dean School of Public Health,

Peter Raven, Ph.D., Botany, Missouri Botanical Garden Director, Joan Ripple, health and disability researcher, longtime aide & service coordinator for Senator Marks,

Edward S. Ross, Ph.D., Entomology, California Academy of Sciences (emeritus chair),

Evert Schlinger, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, Emeritus Professor & Dean, Schlinger Foundation, Virginia Souders-Mason, Pres. Marin Beyond Pesticides, past Pres. Marin Health Council,

Linda Swanson, J.D., Wills, Trusts, Probate, Non-Profit and some general law.







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