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Set on a cliff overlooking Rio Napo in Ecuador's Oriente region of the Amazon, Butterfly Lodge is the perfect place for you to explore Amazonian rainforest and all the wonders it holds.

Extensive gardens filled with rare flowers and tropical fruits attract birds and butterflies of every imaginable size, shape, and color - as well as some you'd never imagine.

Morpho butterflies the size of a man's hand in the most exquisite shade of blue known to nature; hummingbirds that glitter like iridescent jewels; caterpillars the color, size, and shape of a lemon wedge; brilliant red Heliconia flowers that look like nothing else on earth.

Brilliantly colored Tanagers, Barbets, Motmots, and dozens of other species of extraordinary birds will fill you with wonder and delight.

..........Butterfly Lodge: Where magical realism comes to life.........

Butterfly Lodge offers 500 acres of both primary and secondary rainforest, with clearly marked, level walking trails. Well-trained, multi-lingual native guides will introduce you to plants of the jungle and their local uses.

Dr. Edward S. Ross (California Academy of Sciences), one of America's most distinguished scientists and photographer, offers tours and slide show lectures. Swarms of butterflies can be seen while walking the garden paths.

Rio Napo, one of the major tributaries of the Amazon River, offers the rare opportunity for birders to see North American migrants, shorebirds, and rainforest species all in one place. An incredible 540 bird species can be seen and heard here.

Looking out over the river from the garden, visitors also see the magnificent snow-capped volcanoes of the Andes.

Built in the traditional rustic style of Amazonia (its local name is Cabanas Alinahui), each clean, airy cabin sleeps three comfortably (one double/one single), and features a large balcony and covered patio; double and quad cabins available; reduced rates for groups.

Set in an extensive garden with gravel paths winding through native trees and tropical flowers, each cabin offers a different view.

Butterfly Lodge is internationally renowned for its delicious food (just read our guestbook!), and three ample meals a day are included in the rates.

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Book your next vacation to Ecuador through www.butterflylodge.org and your participation makes possible further protection of rainforest, some of which has already been purchased with funds from the Children's Rainforest groups from Germany, Sweden, and England.


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